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Marc Marzenit’s debut album ‘To Love Until We Say Goodbye’ is one of the most outstanding releases of Natura Sonoris and now the label is back with a massive remix package for it. Quite a few cool guys were selected to get the job done, and guess what – all of them just knocked it out of the park!

One of the remixes comes courtesy of one of the label’s dear friends Dosem, who steps up to the plate with an expensive soundscape of entrancing melody, pulsating groove and raw emotion.

Next up is a tough and ready remix by Dave Seaman taking things tense, layered and atmospheric way, followed by another rolling rework by Rafael Cerato. Putting a dark techy spin on the original, the producer brings some dopeness to get lost to on the dancefloor. Better believe all the enemies inside you will be satisfied.

A fellow rising star Anthony Godwin aka THe WHite SHadow (FR) also revisits one of the album tracks and takes things deeper, working punchy beats around emotive vocals, floating synths and overall trippy sonics. Chances are you´ll be loving this one not only until you say goodbye, but for a while afterwards too.

Several Definitions remix follows next, showcasing Swiss producer´s skill of crafting a mood uplifting music with a bit of an euphoric touch. You´ll say ´the normally dark and moody Several Definitions´? Yep, in all his glory.

The duty of closing out this absolute stormer of an EP falls to the aforementioned French producers Rafael Cerato in collaboration with THe WHite SHadow (FR). You wanted some chilled yet groovy ‘Theme For The End’ with luscious pads and melodic harmonies? You got it. Guys come at you with three quality dancefloor riders, be that separately or together – no question, no doubt.

Marc Marzenit delivered an amazing body of work 2 years ago, and yet another time all the remixers proved that it´s more than just fun and games. Music not to mess with.

Release Date: March 17th, 2017


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