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Welcome To Masomenos returns this March 2017 with a four-track collaborative EP from the labelheads alongside Ark and Pit Spector.

Masomenos has carved out it’s own niche as a protieform art project over the years, operating as a record label, art, crafts, design and live installations operation to create a full circle enthralling experience. The record label now marks its forty-second release here and the back catalogue can boast collaborative material from many respected names in the electronic music industry such as Cabanne, Jay Haze, Cesar Merveille and many more amongst the impressive original output from the label owners themselves.

This time round Masomenos team up with two fellow Parisian’s, namely Ark and Pit Spector, who between them have releases on labels such as Hold Youth, Circus Company and Versatile. Up first is ‘Les Acolytes Anonymes’ which sees the duo and Ark deliver a jazz-tinged intricate number laid out over nine minutes with glitched out sample chops, bumpy drum hits and thunderous bass swells. ‘Ok Carole’ follows, again featuring Ark and lays focus on a heady stripped-back aesthetic with low-slung drums running with a subtly blooming chugging bass lead throughout.

Following is the third and final collaboration with Ark entitled ‘Au Haut Eau’, an infectious dropped-tempo slice of house employing shuffled percussion, snaking subs and soft stab sequences alongside mindbending vocal murmurs. Lastly to complete the package Masmomenos team up with Pit Spector for ‘Totoloto’, retaining a similarly heady, tripped-out feel via organic wooden percussive melodies, spiraling atmospherics and the signature Masomenos rhythmic swing.

Release Date: March 1st, 2017


1. Masomenos feat. Ark – Les Acolytes Anonymes
2. Masomenos feat. Ark – Ok Carole
3. Masomenos feat. Ark – Au Haut Eau
4. Masomenos feat. Pit Spector – Totoloto

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