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The next outing for Canada’s My Favorite Robot sees the act enlist a crack team of remixers to tackle some of their own productions. The inspiration for this package comes from the trio’s two EP’s of 2015 with Timo Maas, Eric Volta, Kezokichi and Villanova all getting the nod to bring their own take on things.

Timo Maas, of course, is a long time techno talent who runs his own label Rockets and Ponies and has released his wares here before now. He tackles ‘Cast’ from the Panoptikum EP flipping it into seven sensational minutes of spooky, stripped back techno with pinging rubber kicks and unsettling pads that keep you on your toes.

Next up is ever more impressive synth magician Eric Volta. A regular on this label as well as No.19 Music, he really teases and pleases with his productions and this one is no different. He makes ‘Glass To The End’ a brilliantly weird and trippy, off kilter and freaky deep house number that boasts big open spaces, eerie vocal treatment and absorbing atmospheres that really take you to another world.

Next up, the label use their A&R nous to pluck the up and coming Kezokichi the Japanese DJ, producer and label owner behind Blindetonation. Here he really impresses with an excellent remix of ‘Magneto’ that is poised and playful, with one finger bass stabs and libidinous vocals making for a reserved, patient cut that oozes love.

Lastly, French duo and close MFR associates Villanova do their perfectly analogue and machine made thing on ‘Manifesto,’ which is a dark, electric and frazzled cut full of abstract design and rich texture, but importantly it also has a deep and inviting groove right at its core.

This is a truly wide ranging package that showcases many different sounds in equal style and is another winner from the MFR stable.

Release Date: April 29th, 2016


1. Cast (Timo Maas Remix)
2. Glass To The End (Eric Volta’s discarding You Like Broken Glass Remix)
3. Magneto (Kezokichi Remix)
4. Manifesto (Villanova Remix)

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