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Having kick-started the year spearheading Tribal Sessions parties across the UK and releasing new MAM album, ‘Garden of Eternal Summers’, Miguel Campbell has announced new solo LP, ‘Memoirs’, ahead of its release via Outcross Records on May 5th.

Through tracks like ‘Chemistry’, ‘Own Thing’ and ‘Everlasting’, Miguel explores a range of both sounds and crucially, emotions, that have defined his years in dance music. Also nodding to the classic French touch sound – one his production work has long been renowned for – on tracks like ‘Knightmare’, a raft of punchier, peak-time house grooves also punctuate ‘Memoirs’ – an album that listens like the most versatile of his three studio albums to date.

Taking one final twist is ‘Bad Tube’ – a track defined by its deeper and darker tones – before classically synth-driven roller ‘Stay Alive’ signs off on an LP awash with slick arrangements, classic sounds and most importantly, an undeniably personal feel.

Release Date: May 5th, 2016


  1. Chemistry
  2. All Cried Out
  3. Knightmare
  4. Own Thing
  5. Bad Tube
  6. Everlasting
  7. Dark Star Scenario
  8. Jamie’s Song
  9.   Stay Alive
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