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Miguel Campbell Shares His Favorite Outcross Records Tunes

Miguel Campbell shares his favorite Outcross Records tunes

Miguel Campbell‘s imprint Outcross Records is celebrating 10 years. The label based in Leeds, England has focused to feature a list of innovative artists and to explore the genetics of house music. The list includes Matt Hughes, Inland Knights, Boogie Vice, Golf Clap, Miguel Puente, MAM (aka Miguel Campbell & Matt Hughes), among others.

For this special occasion Campbell choose some of his favorite label releases.

1 .  MAM – I can Fly

2 . Minota – Let U Go

3 . Inland Knights – Broken Up

4 . Iain O’Hare – Words Of Wisdom

5 . Get Famous – Ladies by the dozens 

6 . MAM – Talking Box

7 . Mike Gillenwater – Untitled

8 . Tboy – Unchained

9 . Boogie Vice – La French

10 . Matt Hughes – LA Funk

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