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Only five years on the production circuit the young and rising talent known and recognized under the name of Mirco Caruso already has been making some waves with quite a bunch of releases which rocked some serious crowds whenever they’ve been played out. So it’s quite a pleasure to see Mr. Caruso return to Hive Audio with his newest outing that is about to leave a mark on this years late summer season.

The original version of “Sale El Sol” definitely fuses the proper bounce of stripped down Tech House and the trippy, yet highly detailed production approach of Minimal Techno, serving haunting white noise filters, ghostly synth echoes and sweet percussion tweaks – all of this accompanied by unique, slightly shamanic vocals with a bit of a balearic twist. This one’s taking you to new spiritual realms for sure.

Next up on remix duties is Reto Ardour who takes “Sale El Sol” to a more pumping level with his interpretation. Picture muscular drums, epic bassline sweeps and a flickering layer of ever changing synths with a floating, levitating and maybe even early ProtoTrance-influenced approach adding some shimmering beauty and you’ll be perfectly channeling this early morning future classic.

Finally we’ve got the Vincenzo D’Amico remix on this three track digital single which is surely focusing on the percussive aspects of the night. With a drum foundation reflecting the heat of South American club nights and a bassline funky as fuck this one’s a massive turn on in its own right, even before the twisted and slightly filtered vocal bits come into play.

Release Date: July 18th, 2016


1. Mirco Caruso – Sale El Sol
2. Mirco Caruso – Sale El Sol (Reto Ardour Remix)
3. Mirco Caruso – Sale El Sol (Vincenzo D’Amico Remix)

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