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Motek music is excited to welcome Miyagi to the label with his single ‘Mescal Lane’. He has delivered an emotive piece of deep atmospheric house, full of warm flowing pads and soft Asian style pan pipe and flute textures. Strong drone bass elements add grit and depth to a production that constantly moves and evolves from start to finish.

Remixing on this release we have Stevie R with Delfin and Alex Zed, Kora and Speaking In Tongues. Stevie R, Delfin and Alex Zed have stripped the original back, making their take more spacious and punchy. Keeping elements of the original in the pads and woodwind, a weighty kick and bass line have been added to create a deep groove whilst chords stabs bring in new focal points.

Kora has also stripped back the original to create more groove play and space within the track. The use of percussion comes through in this more techy mix and has a more hypnotic feel with subtle lead line adds in the low end and its continuous rolling beats.

Finally, Speaking In Tongues are back on the label bringing a driving bold remix to ‘Mescal Lane’. A track with no real break it keeps pushing forward with intelligent arrangement through interchanging parts. Most notably the addition of the triplet lead line brings depth to the production and cuts a strong focus to the track.

Release Date: May 22th, 2017


1. Miyagi – Mescal Lane (Original Mix)
2. Miyagi – Mescal Lane (Stevie R, Delfin & Alex Zed Remix)
3. Miyagi – Mescal Lane (Kora Remix)
4. Miyagi – Mescal Lane (Speaking In Tongues Remix)

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