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In 20125 motivated by the same passion, after traveling through Colombia and Peru, Maud Cavalade and Sébastien Cheppe decided to join forces to develop a live music project to create an innovative and exciting sound. This sound is the clash between afro-tropical groove, psychedelic and shamanic ceremonial sounds.

In their performance Moonanga incorporates Guitar, Kalimba, Cuatro and Accordion to enhance plasticity and expression in dialectics with electronic music. The word “Moonanga” comes from the African country of Gabon and it means “Luck”.

This four track EP by French duo Moonanga  blends electronic music with influences of Colombian, and Peruvian Indigenous and Quechua culture using Guitar, Mbira, Accordion, Synthesizers, Computer and Effects fused with house and techno.


Starting with a jungle atmosphere this track evolves continuously from the first drum hit. It makes you feel you are in a shamanic ceremony that increases in intensity and complexity throughout the song.

“Kaitü”, Colombian Guajira Indigenous word for “You are my sun”, has a remarkable melody construction that begins with few notes on the African Mbira and grows into a beautiful soundscape that uplifts in the company of long attack/release synthesizers, giving it an overall positive vibe.


Without hesitation this beat driven musical piece initiate with a quarter note kick drum flavored with synthetic toms that makes you want to dance from the first pulse. The melody in this one is lead by Venezuelan instrument Cuatro played by Maud Cavalade who also wrote an original poem in Quechua and Spanish as lyrics for the track.

“Secopia” is an invented word by Moonanga based on “Cecropia”, a Neotropical genus consisting of sixty-one recognized species with a highly distinctive lineage of dioecious trees. The artists compare the world music with trees because of the different roots and diverse styles while all belonging to the same kingdom which in this case would be music.


Influenced by Peruvian Cumbia and Quechua Culture, Moonanga brings a psychedelic dance floor banger called “Munay”, the Quechua word for “Love”. Which for this French duo is the most meaningful word in the world.

Due its dynamic structure this tunes’ progression is taking us deep into chicha hypnotic riffs played live with electric guitar, accordion and synthesizers. A stunning tropical bass composition, sonically so rich it suits any part of the day, but its main objective is to keep the party alive with its solid bass and solid Groove.


Energetic track that resembles a sonidero dub approach of cumbia topped with an accordion line that invites you to celebrate until dawn. In the last section, a guitar solo appears to invigorate the song giving a euphoric feeling that is then accompanied by a harmonic arrangement in the accordion, ending with the fading sound of the jungle indicating the end of the ritual.

“Our music is just a combination of pieces and sounds influenced by cultures from all around the world, we never use typical indigenous music, we just listen to it and derive sounds from them to create our own. The only interaction we  had with indigenous people in our travels was not about music but about healing, medicine and ceremonies. We think, sometimes we forget that we are all one, and all connected. We make electronic-world music because we are part of the world, and music has to be shared. We hope for a world that shares in harmony thru music, love and unity for all”. MOONANGA.

Release Date: September 21st, 2017


1. Kaitu
2. Secopia
3. Munay
4. Modular

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