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With his newest EP ‘Goa Tee’, Moscoman finds himself seven releases deep into his 12 part Treisar series.

Living up to its name, the seventh piece of the puzzle is the trippiest of the series yet, kicking off with ‘Some Of My Fears’, a piece of outer space hypnosis
carried by a rolling percussion and bass combo that will keep feet firmly stomping across dancefloors.

Reflecting the mood set on the A side, ‘Moments In Space’ sees Moscoman channel his Italo flair while reaching out for a rave indebted sonic palette. Final track ‘Chinchilla’ closes on delirious sounds and 8-bit melodies rubbing shoulders with a lovingly syncopated beat. A weapon all exotically inclined DJs will be reaching out for at their next jungle party.

Release Date: August 11th, 2017


1. Some of my Fears
2. Moments in Space
3.  Chinchilla

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