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Curiosity Music continues its world tour with ‘XXL’, a third EP produced by Argentinian MRDIE, after Lodestar Bang, a first release with Scandinavian accents, and Vanishing., a second release with Berlin sounds.

Three new tracks to discover as well as three remixes concocted by Marc Faenger, Brian Gros, and Chris Rusu. The common denominator of these four artists, a filiation assumed with Richie Hawtin, Techno/Minimal’s Pope! A minimalist, mysterious, eclectic and cosmopolitan EP to be discovered on December 12th.

On the remix duties Marc Faenger delivers a round, unhinged and hypnotic Tech House remix. Two universes intertwine as if a groovy bass line had been captivated by a voodoo spirit on the dance-floor.

Release Date: December 12th, 2016


02. MRDIE – Osiris Army
03. MRDIE – Dark Illusion
04. MRDIE – Dark Illusion (Marc Faenger)
05. MRDIE – XXL (Brian Gros Remix)
06. MRDIE – XXL (Chris Rusu Remix)

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