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Hi fellow animals,  we introduce to you our brand new series of yummy stuff aiming for your pleasure on the floor. We promise to only deliver finest hand-selected quality crafted for longevity, so you and your peers can chew on these delicacies for a while. They are designed to lift your dancing mood while being enjoyable alone in your stable as well at the same time.

For our first edition we start with a straight up singalong house hit by Serge P, then give you a quirky little breakbeat groover from Traktor’s employee of the month Ivo and last but not least Music to make babies to with a little help from Ackermann to deliver a 303 ladden tech house smash guaranteed to make you bump!

Release Date: August 29th, 2017


1. Serge P – Everyday 24-7
2. Music to make babies to – Time to bump (Ackermann Edit)
3. Ivo – I said to you

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