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This and That is a house and techno label run by the iconic Davide Squillace who is an Italian DJ at the forefront of the world’s electronic music scene.

Previous releases on This and That have included music from the likes of Carlo Lio, Riva Starr, Carl Cox, Guti, Re.You, Doorly plus Jesse Rose, and this new release is from Nandu, who many will recognise from his stellar releases on label such as Baile Musik, Kindisch, OFF Recordings and Constant Circles.

Passion, heart and musical craftsmanship are the qualities that make Nandu an original and intelligent artist. With roots in Copenhagen, but a sound moulded from the darkest dancefloors of Berlin, his unique take on eloquent techno and electronica is quickly catching the attention of the underground elite, with support by everyone from Groove Armada to Re.You and Maya Jane Coles.

‘The Clock’ is typical of Nandu’s trademark sound with spacious production composed of mechanical drum rhythms and intricate melodies. Laidback and delicate, the tracks avant-garde style has a poise that makes it a work of art as much a piece of music.

‘Thoughts’ has dreamlike aesthetics and a haunting melody that’s combines with mournful trumpets. Poignant and thoughtful each part is played with a delicate touch that’s expertly precise and timed to perfection.

‘Triade’ starts with clacking percussion played in organic grooves, whilst an arpeggiated lead synth provides forward momentum. Jazz influenced melodies add a sense of improvisation, and the digitised main break signals an uplift, where synths open for the track to explode with energy.

‘Use’ is centred around shuffling percussion and ambling melodies that have a certain spring in their step. With a joyous and light-hearted vibe, the track’s nimble synth work dances a merry jig to match the urgency of the brazen bassline.

Release Date: March 17th, 2017


1. The Clock
2. Thoughts
3.  Triade
4. Use

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