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Back in 1998, ‘The Jive’ EP from Natural Rhythm was released on the classic Earthtones Recordings (now Seasons Recording), resulting in worldwide support from DJ’s, features in publications like DJ, Jockeyslut and Muzik (Vital Release), heavy chart action and repeated play in clubs to this day.

‘The Jive’ EP was built for the times yet still stands up to the ages. Crafted with one sampler, one drum machine, a simple sequencer and mixer with effects, ‘The Jive’ EP has continually been played for 19 years and is recognised as their biggest record of all time. Now, in celebration of this legacy Natural Rhythm reached out to some of their most talented friends for remixes of their greatest work. Phil Weeks from Paris, Hector Moralez from Spain, Jason Hodges from Toronto and John Mörk from Chicago, and Natural Rhythm themselves all turned in 2017 remixes of ‘The Jive’. Each of these artists interpreted the classic tune in their signature way, bringing serious heat to each remix.

Release Date: August 14th, 2017


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