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Techfui kick-start the year with an 11-track release featuring productions from its 2017 roster.

Helmed by Salah Sadeq, Techfui first begun as an event series in Bahrain before evolving into a record label in 2015. Primarily a vinyl imprint, Techfui’s discography has so far featured musical outings from Pawas and Nohijo. This year now sees a series of releases for Techfui, with appearances from artists such as Tresor resident Esther Duijn, Half Baked producers Birdsmakingmachine, Toronto duo Nature of Music and Lebanese producer Cheh. ‘Components’ acts as a preview for Techfui’s exciting release schedule.

The package begins with ‘Denm’ by Host – a deep and introspective piece of meandering house complete with warm synths and intricate melodies. Cheh’s ‘Momentari’ then generates a compelling groove with its subtle bassline and piano keys before Nature of Music delivers shuffling percussion and soaring pads. In ‘Slipper’ by Hoolz we can hear echoing effects and distorted vocal, before Borzoo’s moody remix of Lee Roz ‘Boida’ leads into syncopated rhythms and various trippy nuances form Diamond Setter’s ‘My Psychic Family’.

Up next, Bacho & Cobert deliver an intricate drum workout titled ‘Confluence’ before Birdsmakingmachine produce a twisted cacophony of sounds in ‘El Tartas’. Artemis SOY’s ‘Date Night’ is then a distorted cut composed of sharp stabs and warped filters that contrast to Esther Duijn’s aquatic and dubby ‘Deeper Than Thou’. Concluding the package, Adam Rahman & The Bot increase the energy with a high-octane roller featuring thudding kicks and acid licks named ‘Thought Frame’.

Release Date: February 13th, 2017


1. Host ‘Denm’
2. Cheh ‘Momentaria’
3. Nature of Music ‘One Last Time’
4. Hoolz ‘Slipper’
5. Lee Roz ‘Boida’ (Borzoo Remix)
6. Diamond Setter ‘My Psychic Family’
7. Bacho & Cobert ‘Confluence’
8. Birdsmakingmachine ‘El Tartas’
9. Artemis SOY (ASOY) ‘Date Night’
10. Esther Duijn ‘Deeper Than Thou’
11. Adam Rahman & The Bot ‘Thought Frame’

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