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Throughout his more than a decade-long career, Niko Schwind’s own production filled sets have always aimed at transcending the audience from dancefloor reality into an otherworldly house and techno journey. His latest studio effort, ‘La Musica Obscura’ playfully explores the boundaries of the two realms in four action packed tracks that spell pure energy.

‘Fake Reality’ involves an ethereal ambiance made up of airy pads and lightning synths, while a fiendish vocal permeates every bar. Alternating strained build-ups with composed releases, each sequence dovetails fittingly into the next, painting a deep and dark techno incursion.

German trio Township Rebellion dive in on the remix, offering up a vibrant and melodic alternative of the original. Channeling on their own soundprint, the melody seems to have an added spring in its step, following a drilling yet highly danceable narrative.

‘Frisk’ commences with a tension inducing, stretched build up advancing at a steady pace into a hazy number. Itchy hi-hats accent the climax, breaking down into an array of zig zaggy synths that linger on. The Beat bears a certain touch that helps all of the tracks cohere, making the release come together as a whole.

OnLa Musica Obscura’, Niko enlists fellow producer UV for a gradually developing low key groove. Biting synths rev up into a spiralling loop that progresses along with the construction, while keeping feet and shoulders moving.

Release Date: May 31st, 2017


1. Fake Reality
2. Fake Reality (Township Rebellion Remix)
3. Frisk
4. La Musica Obscura

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