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Following on from label boss Matthias Tanzmann’s latest and great LP, Moon Harbour announce the return of a big talent to their ranks: that person is Ninetoes, aka German producer Özgür Yelmen, and he serves up a fine new single that finds brothers Santè and Re.You appearing together for the first time ever as remixers on the same EP.

Stuttgart’s Yelmen has been busy in the last three years, making a name for himself as a producer with real skills after initially starting out making hip hop. His tunes, as well as lighting up Ibiza in recent summers, have got into the DJ bags of those who know and are always slick and engaging affairs that include a recent hit, ‘Finder,’ just recently reworked with none other than rave royalty Fatboy Slim. He has released on labels like Kling Klong, Saved Records and Play It Down, as well as contributing to Moon Harbour’s Inhouse Vol.7, so is a man on the rise.

His standout offering here is ‘All Night Long’a texturally rich tech house cut with plenty of grit in the drums and coarse hits, but a smooth sense of soul in the subtle vocal yells that are buried in the groove. It is a peak time cut with real heart as well as plenty of drive, and is sure to become another big anthem for the man behind it.

Santè is a key player in the house world right now thanks to the influence of his Avotre label. This is his second remix on the label after a debut last year and finds the German artist reworking the track into a more dubbed out and bouncy roller that is stripped back and as fun as it is functional. It is a brilliantly no frills affair that will do plenty of damage.

Lastly, label regular Re.You adds his own spin and the fantastic result is six minutes of teasing, playful tech with bleepy melodies, deep drones and reverb heavy vocals that cast a truly hypnotic spell on all those who hear it.

Once again this is a refreshing and robust three track package that will invigorate any dance floor.

Release Date: October 26th, 2016


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