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Intentions (via LSD-25) is a standout track taken from Noel Jackson’s Acid Test EP, released on Mr C’s Superfreq in 2014. It now gets revisited with fantastic remixes from Alexkid and Oshana, as well as including an all-new version from Noel himself.

Noël Jackson is a Detroit born DJ, producer, and artist who founded Hypertone Records and is a partner in Superfreq Records. His original tune starts with a simple kick and bassline, building with atmospheric synths and a gorgeous pad progression. Analogue synths swirl around the track until the breakdown takes you into outer space.

His fresh 2017 remix is a slowed down version with swirling pads and drums that really suck you in. It’s tense and paranoid and filled with spooky unease, perfect for those freaky late night hours.

French-born, Berlin-based Alexkid is next. He is an artist with a fine discography that takes in F Communications, Ovum and Wu-Dubs. His remix starts with a tight rubber rhythm track and is soon joined by a deep funky bassline. Subtle synth noises join the proceedings and complete this deep, stripped back tech house workout.

After this comes a very special remix from LOK Records darling Oshana. It finds a minimal acidic vibe pervading the house rhythms. Well sculpted micro synths wrap themselves around the groove and lush, Detroit style pads and fabulous female spoken words then add the detail that really make the track standout.

This is a refreshing package of inventive house and tech that offers a swathe of different moods and grooves.

Release Date: October 13th, 2017.


1. Intentions (Alexkid Remix)
2. Intentions (Oshana Remix)
3. Intentions (Noel Jackson Remix)
4. Intentions (via LSD-25) (Original Mix)

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