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LOK Recordings’ fifth release comes from the co-owner of the label NORR, who has produced three floor-referred tracks in cooperation with the Belgian singer, producer and songwriter Cook Strummer. ‘Soul Distortion’ consists of three originals and two perfectly fitting remixes by Diynamic’s Magdalena and Aki Bergen & Richter.

NORR and Cook Strummer’s originals absorb the listener with their leading vocals, driving drums and varying harmonic accents. The EP’s brooding intensity evolves with haunting synths and subtle acid lines laced over Cook Strummer’s compelling vocals followed by dark, hypnotic layers.

Magdalena’s remix is a clean production full of drum and hit variations, while perfectly timed saw waves bolster her version of the original track ‘Can’t Stand’. Her method of twisting vocals along with force and energy creates an alluring and unforgettable remix.

The Aki Bergen & Richter remix of ‘Soul Distortion’ bursts with power and demonstrates the duo’s understanding of floor related music. A massive unstoppable kick drum, stunning chords, gently used vocals and synth cutouts of NORR’s original compile their driving technoid remix.

Release Date: July 7th, 2017


1. NORR – Soul Distortion feat. Cook Strummer (Original Mix)
2. NORR – Can’t Stand feat. Cook Strummer (Original Mix)
3. NORR – Face of Intensity feat. Cook Strummer (Original Mix)
4. NORR – Can’t Stand feat. Cook Strummer (Magdalena Remix)
5. NORR – Soul Distortion feat. Cook Strummer (Aki Bergen & Richter Remix)

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