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Phuture Shock Musik returns this February with an accomplished remix package, featuring two reworks from Cavern Of Anti-Matter and Sean O’Hagan of Nubian Mindz’ soulful house gem ‘Somebody Else’.

For their first release of 2017 the vinyl only Bristol imprint follow up the appearance of Nubian Mindz’ (Colin Lindo) original from the label’s ‘Excursions #3’ split EP back in 2016.

First up is Berlin trio Cavern of Anti-Matter, the latest side project led by Stereolab co-founder Tim Gane, which transforms the original into a dance-floor leaning cascade of crisp drum-machine beats, shimmering chords and funk-infused synth bass before Sean O’Hagan, the frontman of indie-pop group The High Llamas, serves up a dreamy dub where fragments of the original float across soothing live instrumentation.

Release Date: February 24th, 2017

Exclusive commentary from Tim Gane (Cavern of Anti-Matter, Stereolab) and Sean O’Hagan (High Llamas) on the making of Nubian Mindz ‘Somebody Else’ remixes.

Tim Gane’s comments on the remix process:

I did have a smile on my face most of the time making this remix.
I just got sent vocals and a note asking for some galactic chords if possible and so off I went, strumming the guitar to the voice and trying to bring out some melodic action.
Got the rhythm on a CR8000 with lots of percussion sounds, the bassline and the chords are played on an ARP Odyssey and an old String Machine played the strings and piano sounds.

That’s it, but it sounds pretty full and hopefully there’s some kind of rich exoticness in the tone that’s going to help guide you round the contours of this mind-phasing exploration in sound.

Sean O’Hagan’s comments on the remix process:

”Do Do Da …We can be So Lovely Now”. This is the line that struck home when I heard ‘Somebody Else’ – a slice of minimal electronic beauty. The sound had an understated understanding of what contemporary electronic Funk/Pop can communicate. The song moved like a highly engineered vessel in deep water, the engine never missing a beat. I could not replace that feel …but I could reach for something else.

I reached into the song and pulled the vocal through. The Nubian Mindz vocal had a Torch quality, a Torch song reshaped for the future. The way I work is to always look for a new harmonic setting. It took a while, but I found it in the words and the voice…“We can be So Lovely Now”. It could be a Torch song from the ‘40s or a Kraftwerk love song.

I set some classic ‘60s vibes in place but then tumbled on a nice clunky 808 rhythm that pushed the song just beyond kitsch. It was fun and as always a pleasure to be invited into someone else’s world of sound and composition.


1. Somebody Else (Cavern Of Anti-Matter Remix)
2. Somebody Else (Sean O’Hagan Remix)

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