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Olaf Stuut returns to Atomnation with a stunning new EP, titled ‘ET’. This four-tracker is the follow up of the closing track ‘Extended Travels’, one of the highlights of his album ‘Run’ released earlier this year.

Since Run came out I wanted to focus a little bit more on club tracks because of all the beautiful gigs I’ve had since the release, searching for more joy and fun to accompany the events I play. Every track has more of a story on it’s own instead of an overriding arch covering a whole LP. I started this EP with a follow up on the closing track of my album, Extended Travels, which is almost unrecognisable a part from the melodies. All tracks are based on jams I did during the tour.

The prolific Amsterdam based producer manages to combine the more abstract sides of electronic music with a well-tuned club orientated character. ‘ET’ houses solid beats on Evolve Tutor’ and ‘Era Terminal’, astonishing piano play on ‘Extended Travels (ExcursionTwo)’ and a more minimalistic approach on ‘Error Texture’.

Release Date: December 16th, 2016


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