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On her debut artist album ‘Holograma’, the sonic audacity and sensibility of Öona Dahl reaches new heights. A timeless character threads the needle through offerings of ambience, cosmic warehouse tracks and vocal electronica. Armed with a penchant for experimentation and guided by an innate understanding of what makes a great song, Öona’s originality shines even brighter here. The albums first single ‘Wait’ lifted suggested the emergence of a songwriter, and that notion is explored to fantastical ends throughout the album. Songs like ‘Treescry’, ‘Who Am I’, ‘Listen To The Waves’ and ‘Tell Me I Belong’ hint at influences ranging from the ambient vocal stylings of This Mortal Coil, as much as the electronic flirtations of Warpaint without ever sounding like anything other than Öona Dahl herself.

However, fans of her dance floor magic need not worry. ‘My Pet Raven’ ventures further into the cosmic warehouse vibe she’s been cultivating on Hallucienda fusing elements of dub with flurries of ambience. ‘Veil Enchantress’ is a luminous, techno reverie set upon long swells of sub bass. ‘I See and So Cruel (Nite Version)’ are the two uptempo vocal offerings of the album, each one breaking further ground for her as producer. ‘I See’ rolls just right in its framework of retro electro rhythms and bass infused vocoder whilst ‘So Cruel’ is led by haunting vocals and piano chords that make for a moody yet uplifting slice of house music label head DJ Three best describes as anthem noir.

The past two years have seen American artist Öona Dahl garner the attention of an eclectic group of underground music lovers. Her DJ sets veer effortlessly from electronica to ambient and back again with a penchant for standout melodic techno and house along the way. As a producer she’s dabbled in all these styles on labels like Hallucienda, Igloo-Rec, Stripped and All Day I Dream while enlisting remixers such as Soma’s Petrichor. In late 2016, her club and ambient remixes for alternative electronica artist Dugong on the Occultists label strongly hinted at an even more cosmic, left-leaning direction, as rumors of her debut artist album for Hallucienda began to surface.

Clocking in at 50 minutes in length, ‘Holograma’ is a proper album experience from beginning to end by an artist who’s now found both her feet and, her voice, across the full spectrum of electronic music.

Release Date: June 16th, 2017


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