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Freshly launched this summer; Diversions is the brainchild of two enduring friends and musical entities Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff. Its ethos and mission is refreshingly pure: to embrace all shades and strictly focus on the intimacy and soul of the groove.

Following their acclaimed collaborative launch release ‘Connivence’ comes another tight trio from Oxia himself. As before, the breadth is rich. It covers every chapter of the night imaginable and represents house fullest spectrum from lean and deep to diesel powered tech.

We’re catapulted into the mystic mischief with ‘Secret’. What begins as a hushed whisper gradually builds into an entire chorus of sonic gossip as more melodic theatrics ease their way into the narrative. A definitely creeper with charisma, you don’t forget compositions like this in a hurry.

‘Consequence’ plays a devilish foil. Techno at its core, but presented in a house context with its rugged chunky groove, the insistency of the riff and its deft reverbed fluctuations are concentrated insistency, poking and prodding with relentless momentum.

Finally, ‘Point Of View’ adds the twist in the scenic tale. A much deeper, heady workout complete with a subtly dubby bass groove and hip-slinking percussion, the groove and synth textures don’t even enter the dynamic until midway.

Total restraint and a great of space at play throughout, if only all diver-sions in life were quite so welcome or fulfilling. Expect more from this promising new label very soon!

Release Date: October 14th, 2016


1 . Secret
2 . Consequence
3 . Point of View

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