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PATH shares some of the tracks that inspired his latest EP, ‘Cromwell Street’

Path spent countless hours caught in the midst of dusting off reel to reels and tangled up in tapes. Lots of old hardware and lots of coffee, with equipment strewn across the floor was a usual scenario. It was his time in Leeds that caused a trip down the rabbit hole into production, his earlier works as part of the duo Will & Held.

Photo by Netti Hurley

We asked him to share some of the tracks that inspired him to produce his latest release, ‘Cromwell Street’ on The Bricks.

1. Rhythm & Sound – Roll Off (Rhythm & Sound)

“I’m a huge Rhythm & Sound fan. The sparseness and sheer noise of this track is awesome.”

2. Keith Murray – The Rhyme (Jay Dee Remix)(Rap Classics)

“I used to walk half an hour to the studio every day and without doubt I’d listen to this on the way there and the way back. Probably my favorite Dilla beat.”

3. Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Version [Basic Reshape] (Rhythm & Sound)

“A great warm-up track and one I’d chill to in the studio. It’s got a reel roots feel and is a great nod to the original. Rhythm & Sound have this great ability to carry that dub/reggae aesthetic and transform it into something so unique that is instantly identifiable.”

4.  Scientist – Miss Seducer (Hit Bound)

“I’d use to listen to a lot of dub in the evenings with my studio partner whilst watching Champions League, drinking copious amounts of wine and consuming burritos from Barburrito. Good times.”

5. Arthur Russell – That’s Us / Wild Combination (Audika)

“There’s something so nice and dreamy about this track, reminds me of leaving the studio late.”

6. Air – La Femme d’Argent (Virgin)

“Air and Wine.”

7. MD2 – MD2.6.1 (MD2)

“Should probably list some more techno… There is something so f***ing frightening yet satisfying about this track. It’s a huge middle finger track. I used to play it on wax a lot in Wire, Leeds until somebody nicked it… It absolutely slams on a system. This guys output is beyond ridiculous and definitely influential throughout the production process of Cromwell Street.”

8. Will & Ink – Second Wilson (Will & Ink)

“Another slice of expertly produced fun techno. If you wanna feel shit about your drum mix listen to this.”

9. Deepchord – Fourier (Soma Quality Recordings)

“I had ‘Sommer’ by Deepchord on rotation for a good few months throughout the winter in Leeds. Perfect rainy walking… It definitely made me approach mixing records differently.”

10. Deepchord – Barcelona (Soma)

“A weekend partying in Barcelona really gave me a kick up the arse to start writing my own music again.”

‘Cromwell Street’ is already available on The Bricks

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