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Corey Baker’s Pattern Drama moniker continues to evolve and impress with a new EP on Cenote Records that features Aquarius Heaven & Hezza Fezza plus a remix from Francesca Lombardo.

After debuting in acclaimed fashion on Touch of Class, this former duo turned solo act is all set to take 2017 by storm with new EPs and remixes scheduled for Get Physical, Superfreq and Akbal. Before now, Corey has toured the world as part of the Wildcats collective on labels like Hot Creations and this EP finds him in fine form, especially when you add in the esteemed vocal work of ex-reggae dancehall and hip hop singer and Watergate associate Aquarius Heaven.

The stunning lead single is ‘Wait For Me’, a deep and emotive track with effervescing synths and swooning pads. It’s romantic and lovestruck and really pulls you into the atmospheric, hypnotic grooves as myriad muffled female vocals drift by. Aquarius Heaven then delivers his lines with real poise and tenderness and ensure this one is sure to become a big track in the underground. Remixing it is classically trained techno artist and Crosstown Rebels star Francesca Lombardo. Her vital version is deep and freaky with paranoid vocals layered up over infectious drums and it offers a great yin to the original’s yang.

The brilliant ‘Stay Awake’ then comes on strong with supple and succulent synths and elastic bass and drums all making for a perfectly loose deep house groove. Poignant chords and lingering notes lend the thing a lush musical feel and muffled vocals add more emotional pain. Lastly, ‘More Bounce’ is a playful and succulent deep house roller with nice twinkling keys raining down from above as freaky vocal sounds add character.

This is an excellent and inventive EP filled with fresh and fascinating new cuts that are sure to draw more fans to the label & artist alike.

Release Date: August 4th, 2017


1. Wait for Me ft. Aquarius Heaven & Hezza Fezza (Original Mix)
2. Wait for Me ft. Aquarius Heaven & Hezza Fezza (Francesca Lombardo Remix)
3. Stay Awake ft. disCerN
4. More Bounce

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