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With a long list of releases under his belt on some of the worlds’ most influential labels, Dave Pezzner continues to re-define perceptions with his latest album on Get Physical Music. ‘Title Track’ is Pezzner’s 9 track album that sways between the footholds of house, techno and ambient with a healthy touch of experimental where it counts.

Known for his unconventional approach to dance music, Pezzner is no slave to the beat (see ‘Heartline’), although rest assured, he definitely knows how to lay on down.  Tracks like ‘The Jackal’ tease us the whole way through, while delivering a heavy dose of underground in the process.  He’s not afraid to lead us off onto a tangent either, on a journey through his world before returning us to the warmth with the drop. Of course the album has its dancefloor fillers as well, ‘Julie’ is one of them. A sexy house-y approach that pumps out a hands-in-the-air groove and delivers on all fronts. Of course we can’t talk about dancefloor fillers without mentioning the title track of ‘Title Track’, a low track that delivers under the radar with its erratic and captivating bassline and synths.

Pezzner’s strongest suit is melody and harmony, keeping the music is focus and letting the atmosphere take hold, something we’ve come to expect and love. Alongside the album, Pezzner has prepared a continuous mix for the full effect, so pull the headphones on and let it take you for a ride.

Release Date: August 5th, 2016


  1. Pezzner – Undone
  2. Pezzner – Title Track
  3. Pezzner – Aloe
  4. Pezzner – The Jackal
  5. Pezzner – 3 Hands
  6. Pezzner – Heartline
  7. Pezzner – Love Train
  8. Pezzner and Kid Hops – Scissor In Law
  9. Pezzner – Julie
  10. Pezzner – Title Track (Continuous Mix)
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