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As the longest running Lost Beach Club resident, the Guayaquil native and half of Savia Park Records, Slurm, has been exposed to hundreds of events with some of the most influential talent around the world. “Many Visions” is the 14th release for the label, pushing new boundaries, always the cutting edge of Ecuadorian electronic music.

The original mix has Slurm’s signature, a slightly funky groove under a blanket of melancholic pieces to a story that unfolds skyward ready for a peak hour rush of emotions, visions, and realizations.

The Barbados remix has a touch of club and a sprinkle of space travel with floating pads getting lost amongst the stars. Merida, Venezuela is the base for producers, Jose Belandria & Edgar Covak who are residents at one of their country’s most massive internationally known events PARTAI.

El Salvador born, Canada based, Rain Forest crew owner, Andromo’s signal is as strong as the driving techno force behind winding melodies taking us to new horizons and alternative realities.

Dark and deep, the Ekcesive Groove remix keeps us at a steady pace on a trail, like a movie, dodging laser blasts as he approaches their target, late night, ominous dancefloor vibes.

Release Date: April 20th, 2016

@Ekcesive Groove

1. Slurm – Many Visions
2. Slurm – Many Visions (Andromo remix)
3. Slurm – Many Visions (Barbados remix)
4. Slurm – Many Visions (Ekcesive Groove remix)

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