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Italian duo Proudly People make their debut on Moon Harbour with four fine tracks that fuse tech, house and techno into something new and exciting.

Since emerging in 2014, this acclaimed Milan based pair of Gabriele di Natale and Antonio Cosentino have released a stream of singular records on labels like Bouq, Muted Noise and Monday Morning. As well as playing round the world, they have also held residencies at Sankeys Ibiza, which was where their fun and infectious DJ style made them firm favourites. This arresting new EP is sure to win them plenty more fans this summer and beyond.

‘Done Deal’ opens the account with busy drums that hustle you into a dance. Squelchy sounds, airy hi hats and clipped vocals all add to the urgency and restlessness of the whole track, and this one is sure to make the club wiggle as a result. The equally physical ‘Feel The Transition’ is built on a bed of rock-solid beats that are punchy and dynamic. They carry you along as warped synths bring a sense of wonkiness that will always get great reactions.

The slick sense of electronic funk continues on ‘Give Me Gimme’, a kinetic and tightly coiled track brimming with energy. Drum fills, muffled voices and sweeping filters bring the drama as the track builds to a big drop that cannot fail to make an indelible mark. Last of all, the excellent ‘Road Quest’ features more trademark rubbery kicks that duck and dive and keep you on your toes as rolling bass pulls you in over and over.

These are perfect dance tracks from one of the fastest rising duos in the game right now.

Release Date: August 25th, 2017


1. Done Deal
2. Feel the Transition
3. Give Me Gimme
4. Road Quest

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