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Moving deeper into summer, Manjumasi presents its 8th release: the ‘Flamingo’ EP from fast-rising Polish production talent Pysh. This is a package built on upfront rhythms and jumpy energetic synths that are Pysh’s sonic signature.

The title track ‘Flamingo’ is a bouncing groover laid over an undulating bassline. Percussive vocal and synth stabs cut through the mix, layering and weaving their way through the track. The second original tune ‘Albanian Gang’ delves deeper into melodic territory, with an enchanting lead line that gently floats over the top of trippy, stretched out piano motifs. Lots of personality on this one.

First up on remix duties are the steadfast production duo of Markus Homm + Mihai Popoviciu. Here they do what they do best, focusing on the dance floor and the essence of groove. Their stripped back interpretation lets the core structure of the track do its work. The second remix comes from Swedish mastermind Vincent Casanova, who turns in a trippy and dreamy mix with his signature brand of hypnotic rhythms, swirling atmospherics and a lightly broken beat. Perfect for the afterhours or a psychedelic interlude.

Release Date: August 17th, 2017


1. Pysh – Flamingo
2. Pysh – Albanian Gang
3. Pysh – Flamingo (Markus Homm + Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
4. Pysh – Flamingo (Vincent Casanova Remix)

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