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A long-time fixture on the San Francisco scene, most often as part of the duo Bells & Whistles, Zack Yakovlev is intimately familiar with deep, nuanced grooves. ‘Exile / Coming Home’ is a veritable showcase of exactly that, and a fine debut of Zack’s new solo artist project – R. Fentz.  

Both tracks convey a sense of exploration – traveling, yearning, reaching for the unknown spaces whilst establishing a sense of place. ‘Exile’ leads the EP, with a melancholic tinge laid over lush interwoven pads and subtle melodies throughout. It’s a truly beautiful piece of contemplative music, equally well-suited for an early evening buildup, as well as a moment of reflection after the peak of a late night. On remix duties, Canson turns in a phenomenal, heady interpretation of the track that takes it even further into the interior space. An eerie, descending melodic motif carries the track over the top of a haunting vocal – each element conveying a sense of mystery and disappearance. After the break, a delicate piano melody joins the theme, adding a hint of optimism to the tune’s resolution.

The second original on the package is ‘Coming Home’ – an intense, melodic builder which highlights Fentz’s range as a textural sound designer. Out of an ambient introduction emerges a strong, steady groove. Steadily and relentlessly, the synths gradually build ino a crescendo which carries an insistent energy as well as a sense of calm. It is a return to place. Remixing this one is Gab Rhome, who brings a stripped back, dancefloor sensibility to the track. The synth elements are all there, but through their deconstruction, Gab opens up space for the groove to really breathe and flow. The brightest vibe of the lot, this one evokes sunny skies, the pleasant triumph of homecoming after a journey well-traveled 2016.

Release Date: Deecmber 1st, 2016


1. Exile (Original Mix)
2. Exile (Canson Remix)
3. Coming Home (Original Mix)
4. Coming Home (Gab Rhome Remix)

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