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Lost Tapes Vol.2 is a new various artists release from Alex Niggemann and his lovingly curated AEON AUDIO. The imprint’s second versatile 8- track collection showcases an assortment of regular members of the label family and introduces some exciting new friends.

Both a reunion and step forward for the exceptional talent this unique label has been nourishing, Lost Tapes Vol.2 is eight tracks of flawlessly produced electronic music. Artists include TVA, Denis Horvat and Speaking Minds – already label regulars – alongside Alex himself and some ferociously talented debutantes.

Opening track – the beautiful beatless Andrea – comes courtesy of TVA, the Italian ex-pat duo of Danilo Pascale and Marco Mollo (now based in London). Copenhagen’s Denis Horvat provides the gently pulsing Patchouli – a fragrant blend of switching melodic and dissonant elements as it layers atmospheric excellence over a deep, ever-evolving, percussive groove. Speaking Minds return to AEON with Space Teleportation, in which heart-melting melodies rise over teasing acidic motifs on a seriously dirty, low-slung percussive groove.

In perfect contrast, Alex’s own contribution is a masterclass in subtle genius, as he creates another landmark voyage into the realms of peak-time techno with his distinct emotive edge, building a swirling, deeply delicious energy throughout Serenity.

The irresistible, exotic, hypnotic pulse of ‘Mannequin’, built around distinctive layers of intricate, melody rich percussion, is a wondrous debut AEON appearance. This time, the name to note is Radeckt aka Thomas Dieckmann, another super-talented creator from the hotbed current Copenhagen scene.

Some remarkable Italian talent is also on display as Venetian DJ/Producer Bastinov makes a welcome return to AEON with Chamal, where his deft creative skills blend subtlety with energy, the track’s dancefloor-driven attitude is complimented by a deep, brooding arrangement.

Lost Tapes Vol.2 debutant, Raffaele Sorrentini aka Rafjus explore the most interesting facets of electronic music. His fine contribution, In Wonderland, with its speedy, stripped-back, linear percussive energy, draped in dissonant, melodious motifs, provides a starkly resonant moment here.

Finally, Birth Of An Island is an unforgettable entrance for Hannes Bieger, who is perhaps better known for his immense and highly regarded back catalogue as a mixing and mastering engineer in Berlin. Here, his foray into experimental dub territory is a peerless, controlled display of mood changing electronics – a perfect finale to this exceptional selection of AEON’s creative excellence.

Release Date: November 10th, 2017


1. Tva – Andrea
2. Denis Horvat – Satchouli
3. Alex Niggeman – Serenity
4. Speaking Minds – Space Teleportation
5. Radeckt – Mannequin
6. Bastinov – Chamal
7. Rafijus – In Wonderland
8. Hannes Biger – Birth of an Island

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