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Dj Rae share 10 inspiring vocal house cuts

Kicking off her career with the almighty Defected Records, Rae has established herself as a successful writer, featured artist, global DJ, remixer, and solo producer, impressively crafting a swathe of cool house cuts and clubland hits over the years.

Her latest release ‘Surrender’ is a delicious 90’s house inspired cut which showcases Rae’s enormous talents as a producer, singer and songwriter. Here, Rae shares with us 10 vocal house cuts that inspired her over the years.

1. Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation

“A disco queen and pioneer of the times with that huge voice that’s gone on to influence a whole genre”.

2. Funky Green Dogs – Fired Up

“This is so raw and hypnotic, it takes me to a dark corner of the club and haunts me in a good way”.

3. Inner City – Pennies From Heaven

“So uplifting. The feeling of the vocal is beautiful from start to finish and I’ll always listen and sing along with a smile and a good feeling inside. That’s house music to me”.

4. Timmy Regisford ft. Lynn Lockamy – At The Club

“I just love Lynn’s delivery. I still drop this at the right moment and get lost in it”.

5. Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out

“One of our divas who can’t be rivalled. Get on up!”

6. CeCe Rogers – Someday

“This is classic – the sound of real house music. Serious goosebumps. It feels so heartfelt and real. I can feel every word”.

7. Louie Vega & Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee Ft Julie McKnight – Diamond Life

“A seductive and silky-smooth vocal from the lovely Julie. The lyrics that pull you in, into that cafe in New York; heads swinging, singing along”.

8. Moloko – Sing It Back

“Hearing this on the Space terrace, smiling faces everywhere, good times, dancing, lost in the vibe. I was hooked and I’m still in love with Roisin Murphy”.

9. Kings of Tomorrow Ft Rae – Can’t Stop

“My first release holds a special place in my heart. It feels sweet, raw and understated. My lyrics are uncomplicated, but heartfelt”.

10. MAW, Jocelyn Brown – It’s Alright, I Feel It!

“Jocelyn’s voice has always astounded me, makes me want to rejoice, all that natural power and conviction, such a force and so dynamic, the ability to sing the same lyric each time so differently she keeps you locked inside the groove”.

DJ Rae ‘Surrender’ is out now on Rated.

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