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Reno Wurzbacher, one of Germany’s very talented and promising new-kids-on-the-block drops a stunning EP on Get Physical Music, a 4 track affair titled ‘Breeze’.

He opens the work with a track titled ‘House Is…’ and process to show us what his take on house is. A groovy, dance-able mid-range track that doesn’t overstep its bounds, but still delivers a brilliant punch thanks to the vocals and warm chord work. Next up is ‘Home’, here Reno begins a more atmospheric approach, warm pads creep in as a jazzy and relaxed bassline takes care of the rest. Topped with beautiful piano and a soft vocal cuts, the track lives in a low key world, with just right amount of slow burn to take a dancefloor by surprise. ‘Have a Dream’, continues this vibe, with another seductive bassline laid out under Dr. King’s famous words in a sublime and calming manner. A thing of beauty. And finally, Reno turns up the drive with the title track, opting for a darker approach ripe with a thick atmosphere. There’s not much to the track in terms of crazy synthwork or experimental percussion; Reno keeps things simple and that’s why it works so well.

A stunning work to say the least, and a fantastic display of skill and taste.

Release Date: February 3rd, 2017


1. Reno Wurzbacher – House is …
2. Reno Wurzbacher – Home
3. Reno Wurzbacher – Have a Dream
4. Reno Wurzbacher – Breeze

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