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The producer Javier Pérez Rodríguez alias Resonance presents ‘Metals Upon The Air’, the first single of his upcoming album Light Continuum. The single itself is tech-house orientated and it contains two tracks: Metals Upon The Air – Radio Edit’ and Metals Upon The Air – Club Mix’.

Following up his previous album ‘Skygaze’ (EHBR 2013), Spanish producer Javier Pérez Rodríguez, known as Resonance presents his latest creation: Ligt Continuum a symphonic-techno soundtrack which tells an emotional journey taking Light simbology as an element that can be as fragile as strong, transporter and still, fleeting and perpetual…

Keeping with the idea of his past work, Resonance gives his particular and poetic vision of electronic music without giving up his love for the electronic clubbing sounds he has developed throughout his career fusing brightly with styles from underground and experimental music to pop sounding thus making apealling his producctions to different audiences.

Light Continuum contains vocal and instrumental pieces which appear as true precious and overwhelming hymns with the common base of taking the listener into an impressive   landscape surrounded by overflowing synthesizers, liquid guitarrs and multilayer sounds. Pure electronic music which allows dreaming.

The album is presented by El Hombre Bala Records and will be available worldwide both in vinyl, digital format and a very special limited edition in VHS.

Release Date: October  72016


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