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My Favorite Robot is proud to welcome the return of DJ and production duo Slow Porn with a stunning new compilation album. After releasing a critically acclaimed EP on the Canadian label back in December 2015, Slow Porn now come back with a fantastically curated 18 track compilation that proves the richness of their sound goes way beyond their studio and the dancefloor.

Made up of Meant Records label boss Remain, and fellow Frenchman and La dame Noir label head honcho, Phred Noir, the duo have shared many DJ booths over the years leading to this collaborative project. This new compilation, which also includes Slow Porn sounds, is an expert experiment that finds them delivering “a filthy groove and slow-paced mood music for confidential and undisclosed dancefloors.

Taking in a delicious and diverse selection of artists such as label regular Fairmont, via machine music maverick Richard Norris and numerous other luminaries such as Rodion, Rework and Vosper, this is a carefully constructed mix where a libidinous and spaced-out mood is king.

Things start exquisitely with the spacious and lush ‘Lost In Love’ by Amevicious before touching on broken disco with French spoken words, percolating kosmische, languorous and slow motion deep house and synth-tactic steppers that gently nudge up the BPM. Mixing beautiful drones with heavenly chords, leggy drums with pixelated pads, Slow Porn plot a journey through space that is wide open and inviting, laid back but vitally engaging.

Their own cut ‘Silver and Lust’ is rugged yet colourful, with aloof female whisperings and modulated synths really getting under your skin. From there trippy synths continue to squelch and fat bottomed drums hold a constant groove before things warp up perfectly on the malfunctioning disco sounds of Kieran Holden.

The aural pleasure seekers, that are Slow Porn, truly come correct with this wide ranging and absorbing selection.

Release Date: February 3rd, 2017


1. Amevicious – Lost In Love
2. Daroc – Embrasure
3. Rodion – Allemande
4. CätCät – Poison
5. Richard Norris – Hotel L’Amour
6. Aswefall – La Chemin
7. Queen Charles – Sucking With
8. Rework – Close To The Next Beat
9. Demian – Residual Memories
10. Superstudio – Fantasia
11. Beige – Imperfect Launch
12. Policemen – The End Of The World Is Coming
13. Slow Porn feat. Mounissa – Silver And Lust
14. Fairmont – DM
15. A&N – Never Ask Games
16. Cabaret Nocturne – Moon Invaders
17. Vosper – Spacelips
18. Kieran Holden – Proxy

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