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After touring the world and making further musical steps, Rey & Kjavik looks around the corner with a stunning remix package on his very own label, RKJVK.

‘Baba City’ was originally released on Katermukke and got great feedback. The remix EP features mixes by HRRSN, Uone and Of Norway and a stunning new version that shows you the way for Rey & Kjavik’s album in 2017!

Guess, no words necessary for HRRSN. The Berlin-based singer and producer shows no signs of slowing down after a series of well-received releases on labels like Noir Music, Stil vor Talent, Suol or WellDone! Music. Melbourne’s finest producer and DJ Uone is getting bigger and bigger … with releases on Katermukke, Stil vor Talent and Heinz Music and a very special psychodelic note in his music…. while Of Norway cool down with a lovely classic house mix that puts a smile on your face.

Rey & Kjavik is a Frankfurt a.M. / Germany raised, born and based artist and musician. He started in 2012 with releases on top notch labels such as Get Physical, Compost Black Label, Katermukke and Exploited, following the set up of his own label and clothing brand RKJVK.

Rey & Kjavik’s sound was always House music in all it ways from deep to pumpin, with selfmade Vocals, instrumentals, Hip-Hop or Oriental elements. His gig at ‘The Kazbah’ -stage at his first Burning Man-festival and the following US tour 2015 was a spiritual change for the live, mind and sound of Rey&Kjavik! He started with the recording of his first album that is inspired from his travels and the special atmosphere of cities around the globe. His tracks have an international sound, very relaxed but they create a tension at the same time.

Rey & Kjavik played over 90 shows in the last 12months wich makes him a nomad of modern times. He is one of the fastest rising artists in house genre out of germany and will show with his debut album Rkadash -release date mid 2017 – that it’s necessary to leave your comfort zone to creat new art, cause its all about the music itself.

Release Date: February 3rd, 2017


  1. Baba City (Album Version)
  2. Baba City (Of Norway Version)
  3. Baba City (Uone & Out of Sorts Remik)
  4. Baba City (Uone & Out of Sorts Remix)
  5. Baba City (HRRSN Remix)
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