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The masterful Re.You remains a firm favorite within Berlin’s beloved mobilee family, and ‘Dreams’ signals his return for his first release on the label this year – an EP showcasing his signature touch across the deeper shades of both house and techno, while also suitably warming things up for his upcoming appearances at the mobilee rooftop parties in Barcelona.

The lead record ‘Dreams’ sees Re.You flexing his techno muscles with the tougher of his two new productions. Featuring a riff that’s been carefully crafted for the peak of the summer rooftop parties, as well a spectacular breakdown that really turns the energy up for maximum effect, ‘Dreams’ also features his trademark attention to detail that gifts it with a mesmerising touch.

Meanwhile, ‘The Feeling’ on the B-Side sees Re.You flipping things to explore the deeper, more emotive side of house, holding things down with steady groove as he builds a hypnotic atmosphere that will hold equal sway with the crowd during the deeper moments of a set.

‘Dreams’ showcases the versatility of Re.You to full effect, featuring two sumptuously produced cuts that deliver for both the techno peaktime as well as those deeper house excursions.

Release Date: May 12th, 2017


1. Dreams
2. The Feeling

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