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Focused towards House and Deep Techno, Whistleblower is a label founded by three music producing friends; Alan Fitzpatrick (Drumcode/Hotflush), Reset Robot (Truesoul/Cocoon) and Rhymos (Rumors/Murmur), whose roots lie in the close-knit electronic music scenes of Southampton and Portsmouth on the UK’s South Coast.

Following up from B.K.R.’s ‘Fandango’ and Reset Robot’s ‘Pink Fly’ EP’s, the label has earned critical acclaim from many of the world’s top DJ’s and music publications. Crossing the genre divide, Whistleblower releases have picked up set lists and support by everyone from Marcel Dettmann to Maya Jane Coles.

The latest offering is from Rhymos, who in the words of DJ Mag (UK) “isn’t just another purveyor of greyscale Tech House by numbers…” which is backed up by his impressive back catalogue including the likes of Guy Gerber’s label Rumors, Murmur, Kina Music, Sintope, Overall Music and DJ W!LD’s label Catwash.

First on the release is ‘Mojo In The Dojo’ where flutters of percussion are layered with warm pads and a rumbling bassline to create the tracks foundation. Deep and moody with a stripped back sound, the tracks dubby vibe makes it both hypnotic and captivating.

The second track ‘Mirror Ball’ has a rolling groove brought to life by the morphing acid of the bassline. Dreamy sythns wash over the mix giving it the reflective textures that inspired the title, whilst the purposeful percussion adds a dancefloor focus. Understated but full of personality, the track is everything we have come to expect from Rhymos.

‘Wolf Fleece’ focuses on a chugging bottom end groove off set by space percussion that washed in delay floats around the mix. Shimmering pads add an ethereal element, which compliments the chic acid of the lead synth. Atmospheric and beautifully crafted, it has delicate qualities but enough bite for it to still work in the club.

Finishing things off is ‘Placement’ which uses a held note to add drama and build tension, whilst the chords of the lead synth intertwine with the delay of the clap. Simple stabs cut through with razor sharp clarity and the tracks structure although simple, has a captivating quality which almost brings time to a standstill. We still can’t quite work out how he does it but half man half magician, Rhymos certainly knows how to catch you under his spell.

Release Date: November 14th, 2016


01. Mojo In The Dojo
02. Mirror Ball
03. Wolf Fleece
04. Placement

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