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Ethnic patterns with African motives, tribal percussions, glorious pads, epic melodies all at once sounds way too crazy for modern electronic music, but hello, let us introduce you to R.I.P Bestia and his debut EP ‘African Wedding Ceremony’.

Lead single is a warm desert grooved track with chanting vocals, repetitive motives and rich textures; they all interweave and vibe you right inside its African rhythm. A sense of multiple layering emerges as the density increases up until you dissolve completely. ‘African Wedding Ceremony’ is undoubtedly a wondrous sonic exposition for those who appreciate excellence.

Hypnotic bassline, light hi-hats and enticing vocals of ‘Missing You’ are bound to get you into some secret shamanic ritual. It’s going to captivate your senses and take your mind on an enlightening journey. Deep and brooding, with cascading chimes and subtly rising melody – shout-out to the producer for crafting a majestic and slow burning epic.

The deal is sealed with a mighty tribal workout ‘We Were in MDI’. Think uptempo, well-tripped swagger with a bit of acidic magic dust, some hypnotically autotuned vocal chords and swirling analogue madness.  Underground warehouse rave-era’s early 90s heyday, anyone?

Natura Sonoris couldn’t think of a better way to start the new year off. There’s a whole world within this EP and it’s all you can imagine it to be.

Release Date: February 10th, 2017


1. Affrican Wedding Ceremony
2. Missing You
3. We were in MDI

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