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Scribing the second instalment on Soul De Anima from Kuala Lumpur is Rory Gallagher alongside the vocal delights of Gabriel Lynch! The original comes complete with four hot remixes, courtesy of Florian Kruse, James Trystan, Moodwax, Lindo Martinez and Rory’s Faceless Matter mix.

Taking you through the complete book of emotions, Gabriel exhibits his beautifully haunting yet delicate vocal into ‘Cog In The Machine’ where the synthetics dazzle as they take you through their paces! Glowing with bags of anima, beefy drums, aerial arpeggios and big alluring undertones!

In the wings with their four very eclectic synthphony’s are; Florian Kruse with his insatiable take, patiently taking you through bitter-sweetness! Rory with his new Faceless Matter guise planting some real fire into the machine! Bangkok maestro Sunju Hargun under his Moodwax moniker giving ‘Cog In The Machine’ a complete facelift! James Trystan taking deeper channels & injecting some real zen into play and Lindo Martinez completing the package with his superbly crafted, dark room workout!

Release Date: September 11th, 2017


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