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Lapsus Music continues to serve up essential sounds from the hottest producers of the day, and next up is Russ Yallop. The UK artist has long been a headline making DJ with the likes of Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations and Avotre and now comes correct with three fresh new beats.

Sensation is first and a dark but lively house cut with heavyweight drums and loopy sub bass sucking you in. Some popping female vocal sounds add colour and charm and it’s one to get the floor rocking.

Dark Matter is then a deep and driving number with turbulent drum programming and slick sync whipping about up top. It’s a raved-up number with toughness aplenty and big percussion helps set the thing on fire.

Last of all, Retarded layers up jostling drums, icy hi hats and blasts of busted bass with some rapped vocals. It’s a peak time percussive number with old school style and new school values.

All in all this is a fierce EP that really packs a punch

Release Date: July 7th, 2017


1. Russ Yallop – Sensation
2. Russ Yallop – Dark Matter
3. Russ Yallop – Retarded

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