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CUFF, the French House label with Hip Hop swagger, continues its prolific output with a four track EP from Sammy W and Alex E.

‘Bossy’ opens the package with a bang.  Built on cut up vocals and a back and forth bass line, it is sure to have an impact in clubs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Track two is ‘G-Star’, a hypnotic high energy, almost anxious, tech-house tension builder, which bursts into life with beats and perfectly cut vocal samples to complement the electronic beats, bass and top line synths.

‘Licky Licky’ is the title of track three of the EP and continues the tech-house theme.  Ticking hi-hats and snare shuffles form the rhythmical bed for the rolling bass-line and twisted top-lines, which deliver another top class tune with attitude.

Bringing the EP to a close is ‘House Hoes’, a track in which the drum beat is king.  Pinned down by a nagging, nasty bass line, the brilliant beats are left to do their thing.  Vocals snippets weave in and out and to add a human touch to what is undoubtedly one for later on.

With this EP, CUFF remains the absolute leader in its lane.

Release Date: November 23rd, 2016


  1. Bossy
  2. GStar
  3. Licky Licky
  4. House Hoes
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