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July is here, heat is hitting strongly and elrow Music wants to continue its firm line of releases with this 108th offering. This time, the new delivery comes in the hands of a fresh and unseen pair: Germay’s Santé and elrow’s beloved resident, Toni Varga.

The ‘In Time’ EP is a four-tracker with two original takes by the new production duo and two remixes, by Sydney Charles and Dale Howard, respectively.

The EP opens with ‘In Time (Original Mix)’, a track in which the duo starts with a strong yet loose percussion, that gives it a character of its own, to continue with a combination of a firm vocal line with a truly outstanding and playful set of sound FX, that will make the crowds go crazy with it, making this tune perfect for peak times on the dancefloor.

The ‘In Time’ remix comes in the hands of Sydney Charles, who tightens the percussion, gives the track a different progression and bathes it with a techier vibe which effectively alters the original mindset of the track, making it more physical and percussive.

Then we have ‘Sub Bass System (Original Mix)’, in which Santé & Toni Varga use a stronger and more techno-like percussion, along a vocal line that sings the tracks title, and starts becoming more progressive and deep by the half of it, incorporating different sets of sound FX and synth lines, giving a more atmospheric feel.

This time, ‘Sub Bass System remix’ is delivered by Dale Howard, whose interpretation is a true masterpiece, giving it a deeper feel totally infused with Ibizas vibe, a cleaner and steadier percussion set, with a groovier feel to it, beside the way he manages to play with the vocal line, making the remix perfect for any time on the dancefloor. Crowds are going to love any of the tracks in this EP, which demonstrates both sides of elrow Music’s

Signature sound, completing an amazing ERM108 reference.

All in all, elrow Music continues its sound journey, strengthening its position as one of the most solid labels in the current tech-house scene.

Release Date: July 10th, 2017


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