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Three years after he debuted on the label, Finnish DJ and producer Sasse is back with another expertly crafted new track that comes with an interesting remix by Lehar.

Working under many aliases, the man born Klas-Henrik Lindblad has done it all, but as Sasse has been making connoisseur deep house music for 20 years now. The label he runs, Moodmusic, has also been setting underground standards for the same length of time. In both EP and LP format, Sasse knows how to cook up palpable moods and grooves and does so again to perfection for Canadian label My Favorite Robot.

His typically standout effort here is ‘Ani,’ almost ten minutes of brooding and heady house music that has rolling drums setting the tone below as expansive synths smear and skew about in the wide open spaces above. There are shades of Vangelis and a subtle dose of prog in the overall vibe, but circling synth patterns add a sense of hypnosis that make it pure dancing music. Serene and spaced out, it is a masterclass in suspense.

As well as a more driven and tense dub version, Lehar provides the stellar remix here. The Italian producer is a restless spirit who has released his melodically rich music on labels like Moodmusic, 2DIY4 and Diynamic before now. Here he layers in more of his trademark chord progressions and rippling keys and has you arching your neck to the suggested skies above as you wallow in his cavernous groove.

Each of these cuts are poignant affairs that will provide moments of real emotion on any dance floor.

Release Date: June 24th, 2016


1. Ani (Original Mix)

2. Ani (Lehar Remix)

3. Ani (Dub Mix)

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