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Amsterdam based label Atomnation to release its 50th title October 6th with new work from all its artists.

Atomnation celebrates its 50th release with a Various Artists compilation featuring new work of all the artists it has worked with in the past. Launched in 2012 as a Bandcamp-only imprint, the label quickly made name in the underground scene by releasing titles from its co-founder Applescal and newly born acts such as David Douglas, Weval, Sau Poler and Gidge. Over the years also Polynation, Olaf Stuut, Portable Sunsets and Koett joined the club. Latest signings
Tunnelvisions & Axefield appear on the compilation as well.

The Amsterdam based label released all kinds of records that cross the ambient, electronica and house genres – some of them reaching cult status such as Weval ‘Half Age EP’, Gidge ‘Autumn Bells’ and David Douglas ‘Spectators Of The Universe’. This VA 2LP represents everything of what the imprint stands for and what may have become the Atomnation sound: a fresh group of artists – all excelling in their own way – offering 11 tracks that have a playful, distinct and intelligent approach.

Release Date: October 6th, 2017


1. Polynation – Tikken
2. Portable Sunsets – If
3. Sau Poler – Elsus
4. Tunnelvisions – Alhambra
5. David Douglas – Liquid Love
6. Axefield – A Good Night Just Outside Of Bamako
7. Beacon – You’re Wondering (Applescal Guitar Dub)
8. Weval – Ways To Go (Alternative Version)
9. Koett – No Sooner Than They Will Come
10. Olaf Stuut – Suspended Animation
11. Gidge – Huldra (Other Version)
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