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Live performance master Saytek gave four massive jams into the hands of the Luxembourgish label Lauter Unfug. The ‘Happy Endings’ EP is a 4-track release which features tracks recorded live in the studio.

Saytek makes another display of his far-reaching skills with the first track ‘Happy Endings’. The driving groove leads towards a long and slowly evolving breakdown which takes the audience on a dark melodic journey and drops back in at full pace. The composition is only another display of Saytek’s mastery.

The other tracks pick up the pace and are all, unique in their own way. It is impressive to hear how Saytek arranged the tracks into perfectly playable club tunes.

Release Date: February 27th 2017


1. Happy Endings
2. Matty Know All the Answers
3. Rising Chrords
4. Volca Jam

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