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With Maximaal still hot in the charts, Secret Cinema & Egbert follow up with Elementen’ on Gem Records!

Secret Cinema & Egbert have been a match made in techno heaven since the first time they crossed paths. Egbert was immediately signed to Gem Records and they spent countless hours together in the studio. They sell out venues with their back to back hybrid sets and tear the roof down every time. Therefor it may come as a surprise that this is only their fourth release together. And what an amazing one it is!!

Powerful hammering kick drums and bassline, dark and freaky effects and that punishing high pitched arpeggiator… All thrown together in an impeccable production which is both raw and polished at the same time. ‘Elementen’ has been tried and tested all over the globe before making its way to an official release. So we can already tell you it brings guaranteed mayhem!

Release Date: September 16th, 2016


  1. Secret Cinema & Egbert – Elementen (Gem Records)
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