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Anathema delivers early-Christmas presents with its first VA, ‘The Offering Vol. 1’; named derived from Anathema’s etymology. Summoning DJs and Producers from around the globe to present a diversity of deep, progressive, melodic house and techno, focused on dark textures and driving sounds.

Each production is fashioned by unique basslines, synthetic and organic sounds, as well as arrangements that cohesively bring forth pleasant-sounding tunes and distinguished features that include the presence of melodic and atmospheric textures highlighted by signature arpeggios and pumping rhythms. This exclusive collection incorporates seven new originals from artists such as 88Dubs (Hungarian based producer), Maximillion (House producer and DJ from Luxembourg), Pysh (Poland producer and DJ), Chaty & Tamez (Mexican collaboration of individual artists Alberto Ortega and Hector Tamez), Studio Deep & Pozdeev (Russian duo based in Moscow), 8-Bit Culprit (House/Techno alter ego of Faraz Ehsan from India); and last but not least, a new local rising star from our hometown; Ciudad Juarez, debuting with his solo project Atemporal (Alex Vargas).

Release Date: December 14th, 2018


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