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For its first album release, KitchenSync Records teamed up with mysterious producer A \ S \ O \ M, who presents seven organic, dubbed-out tracks that teeter the line between ambient and downtempo music in his debut, the ‘Combined Studies’ LP.

Being the alter-ego of an existing techno producer (who will remain anonymous for now), A \ S \ O \ M explores the sounds that lie outside of the confines of the dancefloor, entering the realm of chilled beats, heady samples and playful bass lines. Combined Studies is also his first production, a very well-balanced, shifting album that feels warm and toasty right from the start.

Greeting us with a combination of electronic and natural sounds floating around like particles in liquid, opening track Sneak Out creates a lazy, relaxing atmosphere of rising and falling melodies, backed by samples of singing birds and a crawling bass line.

The beats make their appearance in second track Shiver, although mostly in the form of subtle snares, rim shots and hi-hats, which works perfectly with its bouncing bass line. Many layers of synths and effects come in and out of the background, each bringing a different texture and feel to the song, working together to weave a rich tapestry of sound.

Break RM, the fourth cut, is another standout from the LP, thanks to its dub-house vibe and the lovely vocals by guest singer Nadisha Thomas. Twisting and shifting, this lengthy track slowly uncovers a vast, sprawling soundscape of melody, echo and effects.

Overall, Combined Studies is a well-produced, creative LP full of complex layers and hidden turns that reveal themselves with each successive listen. This debut from A \ S \ O \ M brings many different influences and styles together, creating a sound sometimes familiar and other times otherworldly. His ability to craft deep, warm and melodic songs is apparent all throughout the album’s seven tracks, each one a thoughtfully-arranged, engaging piece of music that lets the thoughts escape and the mind drift away.

Release Date: January 26th, 2019.


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