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After several appearances this year of our italian friends in the NAME galaxy – on both label and festival – Family NAME gathers on the same release Alessio Pagliaroli and Giorgia Angiuli for its first 2018 shot.

On New World, Alessio perfectly mixes his sharped techno groove with ethereal and magnetic Giorgia Angiuli vocals.

On the remix side, long time producer Roland Appel delivers a brilliant re-interpretation, where an unstoppable dub techno energy progressively emerges, subtly moving from deepness atmosphere to floor filling mood.

With many tunes in the pipeline, 2018 is to be the biggest year so far for Family NAME. New World, the twentieth release of the label perfectly initiates the tasty series of releases to come.

Release Date: January 23 th, 2018


1. New World feat. Giorgia Angiuli
2. New World feat. Giorgia Angiuli (Instrumental)
3. New World feat. Giorgia Angiuli (Roland Appel Remix)


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