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Alexandr Mar and Daniel De Roma have been collaborating for a while. Alexandr Mar is a bright young talented electronic music producer with some outstanding releases over the last 3 years. Daniel De Roma is the founder of Secret Jams Records with a solid experience in music production and artist management.

In 2015 they met when Daniel found a track on Alexandr’ Soundcloud profile and contacted him to be part of Secret Jams. The release of this track called ‘Requiem’ was a great success and entered in the EPIC TRACKS CHART in Beatport, and was streamed more than a few thousand times.

Since the Requiem’s success, both artists are connected and learn from each other on new musical ideas and studio tips, wanting to stand out with their music. Alexandr Mar released few more times on Secret Jams Records. In December 2017 Alex and Daniel decided to work an EP together and collaborate despite living in different countries and using different daws.

These are Daniel’s words about this release “We started working on ‘Tales We Tell’ EP  last December, sending each other material and ideas. We made a clear point how this release will sound like. And we started with the first track. We worked for 3 months until the end of April to complete the release. We spent 80 hours of work. We stayed connected online doing the studio sessions. And now the result is 3 top-notch tracks that will keep us charged and inspired for a long time.

We can describe our music as a melodic mystic journey and it has the groovy essence on it, we cannot stick to one genre or sub-genre and, because we always experimenting with music and we are often inspired by particular ideas. We tea story about love, dreams and faith.

Now we are starting to collaborate regularly and we are sure more quality productions are on the way
We want our families, friends and fans for their continuous support and dedication.”

Release Date: May 28th, 2018


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